"FckSimilie" (the floating column)  - oil painting on sandbag - Residents & Associates, Greylight projects Bruxelles 2017


FCKSIMILE consists out of various layers of tactile, temporal and visual information. using an „everyday“ object - like a boxing bag - as a canvas, invites to relate to it in a certain way. The observer brings a specific, quite limited set of experiences towards the object into place, which might challenge the relation to his own physiognomical and intuitive behavior.


A) the object might be part of an choreography during the opening.


B) the choreography might relate to the original use of the object.


C) the performer might be a young black male with or without artistic or sportive background

(the performer might not touch the object during the performance)


D) the human body might be treated as material


E) the performance might end when the first layer of paint starts to fade away 

(and reveals the second layer)


F) or the performer comes to its physical limits

the object might develop /change during the exhibition (see E))