"AM RANDE” / Künstlerdorf  Schöppingen / 2018 / wooden -  varnish - Inkjet Prints /420 x 130 x 250 cm

"ZUHAUSE IST EINFACH" / Schöppingen / 2018 / C print on fabric / 300 x 130 cm


Fotos by  Tanja Kodlin and Hubertus Huvermann


At the village border of Schöppingen, mobile billboards advertise an easy and uncomplicated way financing a new home („Eigenheim”). (Smiling suit-wearers “clear the way” and „make a home easy”). Carefree destinations in a limited space.

In the work “Am Rande” (2018), a home interior is designed based on the dimensions of the advertising trailer. On a floor area of 5 square meters, it includes work - seat and lying possibilities.

The advertising trailer, which is now becoming a reduced, mobile and therefore temporary living space, also raises questions about efficiency and self-optimization, such as the individual’s desire for home, self-realization and its possibilities.

It provides a persiflage to the need for secure locality in a placeless time, which is determined by virtual - speculative work and life processes.

The prefabricated furniture pieces are removed from their intended destination and, as intended, are placed as abstract objects in the exhibition “tosen” at the Künstlerdorf Schöppingen. They tackle in a humorous way with the desire for “location” while they elude an effective usability.

Parallel, for the duration of the exhibition, a flag will be hoisted in the historical city center of Schöppingen, which will become the projection screen of a simple home.