"an open platform" - plywood - 660x660x80cm - Museum Insel Hombroich / Abraham Pavillon - 2012


The Work was located in the unfinished Auditorium of the Raimund Abraham Pavillion at the Raketenstation Hombroich/Neuss. The object consisted out of two triangles and refers in size and formal language to the geometry of the building itself. During the exhibition it functioned as a monolitique minimal sculpture and due to its fragile satin surface it seemed immune to any interaction with the audience. for the finisage an event was organized where several lectures, concerts and performances populated the object, till the point, where it became an irritating obstacle for the crowd and was demolished and removed in a performance from the fresh

inaugurated dancefloor. The history of the “Pink Triangle” refers in a metaphorical way to the specific ideas of R. Abrahams understanding of architecture and to the function of architecture for each individual and its social necessities in generell.

fotos Moritz Wegwerth